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What is traceroute and how do I use it?


Microsoft Windows contains a built-in tracert utility for running trace route tests. Alternative utilities are also freely available as Web downloads.

The trace route tracert utility checks how many "hops" (transfers through other computers) it takes for your computer to contact another computer - either locally on your network, or on the internet.

To execute a tracert test, you simply identify the Web site or other remote server or computer by its name or IP address.

For Windows XP Users
  1. Click on your Start button
  2. Click on Run
  3. Type cmd and press OK
  4. The windows command box will appear
  5. Type tracert at the cursor in the command box



To save the contents of the ping test...

  1. Copy the output of the tracert command by a right click in the command box, and then a left click on Select All
  2. Paste the selection into a new email or text document, and email the file to Support