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What Internet Support does iSage Internet Provide?

Good internet support is expensive, so we have clear boundaries on the support we can provide. We'll help you get on the Internet but can't provide you with general help for your computer.

Support is available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm EST (QLD Time) on 1300 725 789.
After hours support is available through your Members Area and for emergencies on 07 5547 5000.

What We Support

  • The connection between the modem and the iSage network (Internet connection)
  • Limited support for the connection between your computer and modem (Ethernet only)
  • Use of the iSage Members Area and Webmail services

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Vista

  • Identify and troubleshoot general issues relating to internet connectivity
  • Configure, install and reinstall dial-up networking
  • Enable/Disable the TCP/IP (XP only)
  • Utilise some DOS commands to assist with identification and troubleshooting connectivity issues

Network Configuration

  • Identify and troubleshoot general issues relating to syncronization / authentication issues