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Mobile Broadband Settings Modification Instructions


Using the following process, you will configure your computer to customise the setup of your new Mobile Broadband service.

These instructions are to be used after the Mobile Broadband device has been installed automatically. This is done normally when first connecting the modem to your computer (not including Macintosh or Linux computers).

Please note: the SP code for this device is broadband. This code may be requested when the software is first started.



1. Open the Wireless Broadband program. The icon should have been installed on the desktop of your computer, or under ‘All Programs->Wireless Broadband’ in the Windows Start menu. 

2. Navigate to ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Options’

3. Select ‘Profile Management’ from left hand menu and select ‘Wireless BB (Default)’ profile and then click ‘Delete’ 

4. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm deletion. 

5. Click ‘New’ 

6. Type ‘Mobile Broadband’ under ‘Profile Name’, select `Static` and type in SPLNS111A1 in the ‘APN’ section. Please do not modify the ‘Access Number’ field 

7. The click the ‘Save’ button on the right hand side 

8. Then click the ‘Set as Default’ button 

9. Now click the ‘OK’ button