Netcomm V100 VoIP Setup PDF Print

Please follow the instructions below when setting up the Netcomm V100 with our VoIP service.

  1. Connect the Phone socket on the rear of the V100 ATA to an analogue telephone using RJ-11 cable.
  2. Connect the WAN socket on your ATA to one of the LAN ports of your router/switch using a Category 5 cable.
  3. Connect the POWER socket on the rear of your V100 ATA to the power adaptor supplied and plug into a wall socket.
  4. Insert the CD-ROM provided in your package, the autorun setup will run. If not, you may need to execute the Autorun.exe file by double clicking it.
  5. Select the “Install Utility” button and follow the on screen prompts to install the utility.
  6. After the installation is completed. You should see the Netcomm V100 PC Tool icon and program group installed. Double click the icon to start the utility.
  7. Click on the SIP option tab
  8. Enter in the following information as provided on your VoIP settings sheet:

    Under Phone Configuration

    User Name: VoIP Username
    Display Name: Your Name
    Codec: select G729
    DTMF: select RFC2833

    Under Proxy and Registrar

    Proxy/Registration Info:
    Domain Info:
    Auth Username: VoIP Username
    Auth Password: VoIP Password
  9. Click on Apply when finished.
  10. Click on the Tools - > System option tab
  11. Click on Save button to save the settings to the modem
  12. Once the device has finished saving the configuration you are now ready to start using your iSage VoIP service.

    It may also be necessary to make sure the ports 5060 and 6000 and forwarded to your Netcomm V100 otherwise this will cause delays in your calls.

    If you are unsure how to do so please use as reference or the modem manual provided by the manufacturer of your DSL modem.