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Network Saturation

There is a high amount of data flow across the Telephone (PSTN) network during peak periods (4-8pm), saturating the netowrk.

This causes delays and cut offs of VoIP calls because they are given no extra priority on the phone exchange.

Handset Voltage

With the Billion BiPAC 7401VGP you have to ability to check and change the line voltage that the modem uses for when your phone handset is on or off hook.

Adjusting these values can impact on your call quality dramatically.

Instructions on how to complete this can also be found on page 81 of your user manual. (Click Here to Download)

Please make sure no other handsets are plugged in except for the one your are testing, which is to be plugged into the modem.

To take your phone OFFHOOK, lift the receiver then press Hook/Flash until you hear your normal PSTN dialtone, not your VoIP dialtone. Wait several seconds and then press Check Level.

You should check the OFFHOOK value for each telephone handset you have. Set the OFFHOOK voltage to the lowest setting registered for all your telephones, e.g. if your telephones return values of 4, 5 and 7 then you should set your OFFHOOK voltage to 4.

Note: The detected values will not automatically be set by the Check Level function; you must enter the lowest level detected after testing all your telephones.

BiPAC 7401VGP Advanced VoIP Settings